PLA 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm 1kg – Arctic Blue

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  • 3D printer filament
  • Ships from California
  • 1kg in Arctic Blue color
  • 1.75mm (+/- 0.03) diameter
  • Neatly wound to avoid tangles
  • Transparent plastic spool
  • Vacuum sealed bag with a desiccant pack

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Meltd 3D printer filament information. 100% Raw materials, transparent plastic spools, strict 0.02mm tolerances, neatly wound, and vacuum sealed with desiccant packs100% Raw material means it hasn't been repurposed from another source, this means higher quality & strength with no bubbles or warping.

Meltd 3D Printer Filament in Arctic Blue

Every roll of Meltd 3D printer filament is made of high quality PLA (Polylactic Acid) material from raw material that’s never been reused or repurposed. This means stronger, higher quality filament and prints that are smooth and reliable – every time.

We have a strict 1.75mm diameter with a +/- 0.03mm tolerance. It has a high resolution and a smooth finish, making it perfect for creating detailed and precise prints. The filament is easy to use and can be used with any FDM printer capable of accepted 1.75mm filament.

Every roll is neatly wound to avoid tangles and snags, wrapped on a transparent plastic spool. Our sturdy spools won’t get eaten up in your automated material systems (AMS) and make it easy to see when it’s time to order some more filament.

We vacuum seal every individual roll with a dessicant pack to ensure the freshest filament possible, ready to print right out of the box. So go on – get Meltd!

Printing Reccomendations: Nozzle Temp – 190c – 230c Bed Temp – 60c

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 3 in

1.75mm +/- 0.02mm


Light Blue


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