1.75mm 3D Printer Filament

Arctic Blue PLA

Free Shipping

Free shipping on all US orders of 2 or more spools.

100% Raw Material

Straight from the source. Higher quality & strength, with no bubbles or warping.

0.03mm Tolerance

Strict quality control ensures a smooth, even flow rate.

Neatly Wound & Fresh AF

Transparent plastic spools individually vacuum sealed with a desiccant pack.

USA Based

We’re a California based 3D printer filament company on a mission to empower innovation and creativity by providing high-quality, sustainable 3D printing filaments.

Learn more about us.

Crafted Better

We don’t just sell 3D printer filament, we’re printers too. From temp towers to calibration cubes, clogged nozzles, bed adhesion issues, z offsets, tree supports – we know what it takes to craft a good filament.

Our Secret Sauce
  • People-first customer service
  • RoHS & CE certified
  • 100% Raw materials
  • Strict 0.03mm diameter tolerance

Take that, benchy.

Clear Plastic Spools

They won’t get eaten up like cardboard spools can in your automated material system. The transparent spools make it easy to see how much filament is remaining.

Arctic Blue PLA

Meltd’s premiere color neatly wrapped on a transparent plastic spool. Available now.


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