3D Printer Filament – High Quality PLA & PETG



Meltd is a 3D printer filament company. Click to learn more.

Our filament is 100% raw material, meaning it hasn’t been repurposed from another source. This means higher quality & strength, with no bubbles or warping.

Made from sturdy plastic, not cardboard. They won’t get eaten up like cardboard spools can in your automated material system. The transparent sides make it easy to see how much filament is remaining for your next print.

We have a strict 0.02mm diameter tolerance for every batch, better than the industry average. This means prints come out smoother with an even flow rate throughout the entire print job. Take that, benchy.

Each spool is neatly wound to avoid overlapping layers and snagging. This means no more tangles in the middle of a print.

Each spool is individually vacuum sealed with a desiccant pack. This helps protect your filament from any moisture during shipment.

Our HQ is in Southern California. Many other suppliers are based out of the country. That means quicker shipping times and better quality customer service.

White 3D printed skull

Our 3D printer filament doesn't.

You spend hours designing something cool or maybe just a few minutes scrolling through Printables or Thingiverse. Then you warm up the print bed & hit start. The magic begins: bed adhesion issues, cheap 3D printer filament that caused a clogged nozzle, or forgetting to adjust your Z offset after switching from PETG to PLA. Oh, and to top it off, you forgot to add tree supports on the ONE overhang, and you didn’t realize it until hour 14 of the print job.

Trust us; we know it all too well. But at the end of the day, once you get that perfect print, it’s pretty damn cool. You start with a simple vase or benchy, moving on to more intricate designs or something that’s actually useful like soap dishes or light switch covers. Then the obsession begins: Upgraded parts, new print beds, and maybe even learning how to 3D model your own STL’s. It opens up endless curiosity & creativity – it’s easy to get hooked.

That’s exactly why we started Meltd. We’re helping fuel the creativity of 3D printing by feeding your hot ends with the best 3D printer filament you can buy (probably). Even though 3D printing can suck, it’s also pretty damn great. We hope to make it suck just a little bit less with our premium filament.

So go ahead, buy a roll or five, and let your nozzle fly. We want to see your print pics; send them to us on our socials tagged below!