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Bambu Lab A1 Mini

Today, Bambu Lab, the innovators behind our current leading 3D printer model, the P1S, have unveiled their latest creation, the A1 Mini. This marks a significant departure from their previous printer designs, as the A1 Mini takes a compact, open-concept approach. The entire package is priced at $459 (equivalent to £370 or AUD710).

The A1 Mini boasts a modest 180 by 180 by 180mm printing area, mirroring the dimensions of the Prusa Mini’s bed. It features an all-metal hot end, a user-friendly heatsink that facilitates quick repairs, and a four-way splitter atop the extruder. This innovative setup enables seamless integration with a color system known as AMS Lite, enabling multi-color printing capabilities. Notably, unlike the extensive enclosed AMS system found in the X1 Carbon, all mechanical components are easily accessible, simplifying maintenance, as highlighted by Bambu Lab.

The A1 Mini arrives fully equipped for immediate printing and boasts a range of advanced features that enable it to achieve an impressive maximum speed of 500 mm per second, a remarkable feat for a printer of its compact size. Additionally, it offers automatic bed leveling, filament runout sensors, and a 1080p camera for real-time print monitoring and the creation of captivating time-lapse videos, perfect for sharing on social media platforms. However, it’s worth noting that the maximum build area temperature is capped at 80 degrees Celsius, which may limit compatibility with certain materials.

Included with the A1 Mini Combo is the AMS Lite, which facilitates the use of up to four different color materials. While PLA, PETG, and TPU materials are recommended, ABS and ASA materials are not compatible. Notably, the AMS Lite complements the aesthetic design of the 3D printer seamlessly. The inclusion of a four-color system at this price point is a rarity, and its performance will be intriguing to observe.

As of September 20, 2023, preorders for the A1 Series Combo are now open. The combo package, priced at $459 (equivalent to approximately £370 or AU$710), includes the A1 Mini, AMS Lite, and a surprise gift. Alternatively, you can opt to purchase the A1 Mini on its own for $299. For those considering the AMS Lite, it is available separately for $249. Choosing the combo package is a sensible choice as it offers a substantial $90 savings. Moreover, each Bambu Lab A1 Mini comes bundled with a mystery box gift, providing an engaging project to kickstart your 3D printing journey.

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